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Our Story

Maddox Energy LLC is a premier entity in the trading of crude oil, gas condensate, LPG, and distillates, headquartered in the dynamic hub of Dubai, UAE. Our expansive operations facilitate the seamless distribution of a wide range of premium petroleum products to a diverse and esteemed clientele across the GCC, East, and Southeast Asia. Leveraging Dubai's strategic location and our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to meeting the evolving energy needs of our international customers with utmost reliability and efficiency, ensuring they have access to vital energy resources for their continued growth and success.

person holding black iPhone displaying stock exchange
person holding black iPhone displaying stock exchange

Our services include physical trading of crude oil, gas condensate, LPG and distillates. We provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions with our own fleet of tanker vessels.

Physical Trading

At Maddox Energy LLC, our trading expertise is bolstered by a network of seasoned traders located in offices worldwide, specializing in petroleum commodities. This cadre of trading professionals is backed by an adept team in operations, shipping, and finance, primarily based in Dubai.

Maddox Energy LLC is dedicated to continuous advancement to tackle emerging challenges and to the development of our team, ensuring we maintain a competitive advantage in the dynamic energy market.

Global Trade

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